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Dermatran is not just a compounding pharmacy. It is a health solutions provider committed to engaging and empowering our prescribers and the physician community at large with valuable information, tools, and resources.

The Dermatran Doctor Portal is a broad, ever-expanding body of knowledge designed to benefit doctors who prescribe Dermatran. Here are just a few of the ways the Doctor Portal can benefit you as a physician:

Learn and participate.

We are committed to providing up-to-the-minute resources for physicians interested in learning more and getting involved in our professional community.

The Doctor Portal is Dermatran’s hub for doctor-centered information.

From animations, FAQswhitepapers and instructional videos to the most relevant and current research on compounding available today, we provide everything you need to broaden your knowledge of compounding and boost your confidence in Dermatran as a reliable treatment for your patients.

  • Trigger Point Animations: Hands-on experiences help us learn and also better retain the information we have learned. Our interactive, click-and-see animations let you see the pain process in whole new ways, and can be used in the office as tools that teach patients how to better understand and articulate their own pain.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Insight and answers to questions for doctors, by doctors. The truth about compounding is right here, and we want to provide it.
  • Whitepapers: Sharing fresh, relevant information is the best way to advance the science of compounding and adequately treat more pain patients than ever before. Get access to the latest research and discoveries from prescribers and groups all over the country through the Dermatran Doctor Portal.
  • Instructional Videos: Clear, easy-to-understand videos help doctors and patients understand the symptoms, pain conditions, processes, and treatments in a new way.

Ongoing data collection provided by the clinical research organization Patient Outcomes Analytics, LLC. The protocol and design of the data collection has been approved by an Institutional Review Board. (IRB#: POA-2013-001)

Get answers.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers. In a world where misinformation can spread almost instantly, we have the ability to get the truth out there—and our comprehensive library of Frequently Asked Questions may cover what you need to know.

Prescribe conveniently.

We want to make interested physicians into confident prescribers—and that starts with a technically advanced system for getting prescriptions filled quickly. The Doctor Portal is your access point to eScribing, the fastest and most convenient way to get prescribed drugs to your patients.

Connect to your personalized Prescriber Portal.

The DermaTran Prescriber Portal provides a truly unique opportunity for patients, physicians, and pharmacy to work together to better manage the patient treatment experience. Patients enrolled in the DermaTran Patient Experience Programâ„  (PEP) can receive customized care after providing information through a series of patient outcome surveys.

The patient outcome survey’s in the PEP program employ accepted standardized measurement tools. We use the MD Anderson Brief Pain Index (BPI) to quantify pain outcomes. The data is collected and analyzed by the independent Clinical Research Organization (CRO) Patient Outcomes Analytics, LLC. The protocol is reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) IRB#: POA-2013-001.

These surveys automatically create a baseline for every patient and then carefully monitor his or her progress against that baseline in future weeks. This data is designed to let you know how your patients are feeling—both physically and emotionally. At a glance, you’ll see your patients’ pain levels and quality of life, and can then create a relevant, customized treatment plan.

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