Why Topical Pain Treatment

DermaTran focuses on responding to the growing body of research supporting the use of topical compounds. There are several important reasons.

Topical Compounds Keep it Local.

The most basic benefit of topical medications is the direct application of medicine to the target area. Your doctor prescribes each individualized formula, which is then compounded by DermaTran.

Topical Compounds Make it Simple.

Compounded medications make it easy for you.

  • Individual doses are delivered in a press pump bottle, so you get the right amount of medicine.
  • Airtight packaging and an airless pump keep your prescription medication fresh.
  • Compounds can be stored at room temperature—no refrigeration required.
  • The medicine comes ready to use—no shaking or mixing.
  • There is no wasted medicine—you use 100% of the prescription.

Topical Compounds Focus on Safety.

Most of the medicine stays local.