If you have pain, DermaTran can work with your physician to identify the treatment option you’ve been waiting for.

How DermaTran Works with Your Doctor
Studies have shown that compounded medications can address hard-to-treat pain conditions.

Two Examples:

  1. For pain conditions, as an example, compounds allow for the application of multiple classes of medicine directly to the affected area. This gets more medicine to the area that hurts, while greatly minimizing the threat of adverse events or addiction.
  2. For erectile dysfunction, topical compounds can provide men who are unable to use oral medications due to other co-morbidities or drug interactions an alternative.

The formulations that DermaTran compounds are defined and prescribed by your doctor and are easy to use and easy to store. Generally, compounded topical treatments have minimal side effects.

The Cost of Compound Medicines
Most insurance plans cover topical compound prescription creams and require you to pay a co-pay. A pharmacy representative will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your prescription to get the insurance information required to fill your prescription. DermaTran will not ship your medicine until we get your approval.

How to Get Started
DermaTran works with your physician so he or she can identify and prescribe a sensible treatment plan that combines multiple classes of medicine in a cream to address the complexity of your pain problem. Once prescribed by your doctor, DermaTran will then compound your patient-specific pain treatment cream.

As soon as DermaTran confirms your insurance and shipping information, we process and ship your medication to your home or business or have available for pick up at one of our pharmacy locations.

How to Apply or Use
Application instructions will come with your prescription. Pharmacy consults are available 9am-5pm EST. Emergency contacts available after hours.