About Us

About Us

DermaTran Health Solutions is a group of compounding pharmacies that specialize in the compounding of topical pain creams based on a prescription from your physician. We are passionate about quality, processes, and working with you and your physician to maximize the benefit from your prescribed treatment. We have an experienced staff with more than 30 years experience supporting doctors and patients. We want to do everything we can to treat your pain and improve your quality of life.  We promise you a prescription pain medicine formulated to the highest standards of quality.

Patient Satisfaction:  DermaTran takes patient satisfaction seriously.  If your doctor-prescribed DermaTran compound does not prove effective in treating your pain, you should inform our pharmacists or nurse staff.  The pharmacist will then work with your doctor to reformulate your medicine. 

Speak to Our Pharmacist:  All people do not react to medicines the same way.  As a result, you may find that you need to speak to our pharmacist regarding your treatment.  We make that easy.  Look on your prescription dispenser for the phone number of our pharmacy, or visit the Contact Us page of this website.  You can reach a pharmacist who will help you 24 hours a day, every day of the week.  We are here for you and we are listening.

Our Commitment: The DermaTran Care ModelSM is used to promote your health and lower the healthcare burden. DermaTran is committed to the highest quality support for your health.  We work to achieve positive patient outcomes and reduced recovery times—and we want to have a hand in your improved quality of life.

Work With Experts.
The compounding pharmacies of DermaTran Health Solutions are leading experts in the field of compounding prescriptions for pain management. Our facilities are state of the art, and our pharmacists and pharmacy techs are certified by their respective state boards of pharmacy.

Get Your Medicine Promptly.
DermaTran can get your medicine to you, no matter where you live. Multiple locations ensure that DermaTran prescriptions reach your doorstep promptly—almost anywhere in the U.S. DermaTran processes prescription claims and reviews coverage with all patients prior to fulfillment. We help you get your prescription.

Treat Pain Directly.
If you have you been told that you cannot take any more medicines because of toxicity to your liver, kidneys, or stomach, consider asking your doctor about topical compounded medications. Ask your doctor to collaborate with DermaTran pharmacists on a compound specific to you—a topical pain therapy that attacks the pain’s dual pathways directly through the skin at the area of pain.